Pishat e buta, Rruga Ismail Qemali, Golem, Albania
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Pishat e buta, Golem, Albania

052 224 453

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Fresh meat

Fresh meat.  Animal meat has a high biological value and a good source of protein in many countries. Meat and meat products are ideal sources of minerals soluble, vitamins, essential fats, amino acids and many other nutrients that have a body-specific function. Meat is a good source of fatty acids
omega-3, protein, vitamin B12 and high levels of iron.

Meat and meat products are important foods with essential nutrients like
Essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that make up a component of
important for normal physiological and biochemical processes and have an important role in
fulfillment and maintenance of human health. Studies show that high nutritional values
(fats, proteins and carbohydrates), minerals, vitamins. Meat as a nutrient should be included as an important proportion in the diet of balanced to meet the required health benefits. Proteins and amino acids are useful for growing and building muscle in humans.

There is a growing demand for healthier meats and meat products that are low in fat, cholesterol, reduced sodium chloride and nitrite content, updated acid profile fatty composition and added health ingredients among consumers all over the world.

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